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Your website denies you of 300% of inquiries. Get them all with a sales microsite.

Answer everything customers are interested in and convince them to take immediate action. Fast and effective.
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website visitors don't complete the order or show interest in your services.


They don’t find answers to their questions or arguments that convince them to take action immediately.
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No relevant information at first sight

Nobody has patience for complex websites. People prefer to look where they know they can find everything right away.
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Your offer’s not convincing

The website’s content is too similar to a hundred others. They’ll go with the cheaper competition.
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They have no motivation to take the next step

The website doesn’t offer reasons to order right now.

Boost inquiries with a microsite by Colorsquares

Offer customers exactly what they are looking for. And increase demand by up to 300%
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100% satisfation

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with the largest players on the Czech market

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Content based
on hard data

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0% work.
We take care of everything

Think it costs a fortune? The price will surprise you ...

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Can you guess which page earns a quarter more?

Regular website
At first glance, a normal web page.
Created in an unnecessary and expensive content management system.
Based on the same template as thousands of others, it doesn't stand out from the competition.
It doesn't answer what customers are looking for.
The content doesn't have a clear direction.
It takes too long to load and customers leave.
It may not display properly on smaller devices.
And because of all that, it doesn't earn you anything.
professional microsite
At first glance, a normal web page.
Tailor-made from the ground up to you and your customers.
You have no limits when creating content. Just creativity.
Thanks to solid data, you can answer everything your customers look for.
You lead the customer straight to the desired action.
It loads in a blink of an eye, so you don't lose any customers unnecessarily.
It looks stunning everywhere - from your phone to laptop.
This will help you increase conversions by up to 300%.

What you often ask us

Microsite is a simplified website (usually one-page) with a structure tailored to the action you require (service request, product order, registration, etc.).

Furthermore, it is based on solid customer data and Behavioral Economics. The probability of completing the conversion is thus many times higher than with the traditional general website.

The microsite is ideal for presenting your brand, products, services or events that do not fit on the main website. It is also great as a source of additional information for your customers. Everything they need to know about the products can be found in one place.
It will increase the demand for your products or services by up to 300%.

Also, thanks to its narrow focus and clear targeting, it goes hand-in-hand with search engines. You will be seen much higher in the search results.

If you place the microsite on a simple, well-named domain and support traffic with PPC advertising, your customers will pour in like crazy.

Additionally, microsites cost only a fraction of the time and cost of large sites - saving you thousands of dollars.
  1. We specify the assignment and goals of the project. If you already have some materials ready, we will take a look at them.
  2. We analyze the internet and find out what people are really looking for.
  3. We draft the first sketch of the site, figuring out the layout and structure of the pages (to ensure we’re going in the right direction).
  4. Now we lay out the concept in detail, dressing the design in real colors, shapes, and clever texts (then approve everything together again).
  5. It’s time to introduce you to your microsite.
And all this usually takes about two weeks.
If something goes wrong with the page, of course, we will fix the error.

If the microsite requires frequent changes (e.g. blog), we will set it up so that you can manage the content yourself.

If you need to update the content on the microsite in exceptional cases, we will be happy to help you.
Certainly. We will be happy to help you with the basic settings of PPC campaigns. If you need more comprehensive help, we will recommend our partner marketing specialists.

We are already increasing sales to

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And now?
Just describe your idea

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